photography by Eyoalha Baker

come home

There is an ache, a longing, a spark at the core of every being.

Let us bend our ears, open our hearts and listen.

There is a place in every Being that has never forgotten. That never can.

This spark that contains all the Universes, all the cosmos; the seed of Cosmic Love that is the kernel of everything; that fuels our every heartbeat.

And it is here. Right now.

Let us dive together.

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Personalised soul embodiment meditations

Order a personally created Soul Embodiment meditation

uniquely crafted for you and sent as a high-quality MP3 file for you to keep and use as often as you choose.

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In the current unprecedented global shifts, in the face of huge uncertainty and change, there is a deeper and wider recognition of our interconnectedness. Collectively there is a massive call to recognize what is true and unchanging as we navigate disintegration.

There are regular free fb lives with meditation and healing support online and new meditat ions on YouTube.ble who can benefit. Individual sessions are therefore also offered at a reduced rate of $55 off ongoing.

There are regular free fb lives with meditation and healing support online and new meditations on YouTube.

If you are looking for a loving soul companion to help navigate some of the challenges of your unique unfolding as a multi-dimensional Being in a human body, Helen can assist. With a foundation in Presence, she facilitates intuitive high vibrational energy healing and soul guidance, in collective gatherings and one to one.

one to one sessions

grounded awakening

Helen is an embodied awakening guide and healer. Her personal devotion to awakening and to a grounded evolution of consciousness is the foundation for all that comes through her as a multi-dimensional Being. Her approach as guide, teacher, healer or facilitator is rooted in simplicity and Presence as Love. She has integrated many healing streams and wisdoms throughout twenty years as a healer, allowing all to blend and merge into an organically and Divinely guided space of Presence, Love and Wholeness as she supports us into deeper alignment with our own essence.

For over two decades, Helen has supported the healing and awakening journeys of many, many beings. She offers her Self in service to Love, merging all healing tools, wisdom, gifts and ongoing learning in an intuitive flow that is Divinely directed in the highest interests of each co-creator. Her particular affinity and calling is to alight frequencies of the Cosmic Divine Feminine in humanity.

Through our multi-dimensional Selves; light/love transmissions; Sacred sound and light language; silence and meditation; writings and other expressions, exploration of the Being is supported to move into greater wholeness and deep and pure embodiment of Divinity.

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"I was drawn to Helen by the calmness and serenity that she radiates. It was obvious to me that my path had to be explored with her help and guidance. I'm continuing to receive insight and clarity and I can't imagine a safer pair of hands to guide me. You have my profound gratitude." - John, Scotland
"Helen served me with ineffable grace, compassion and sensitivity. So attuned is she to the slightest movements in my interior that the wounded places gladly come out of hiding and soak in the energies of Love. She displays a potent combination of Faith in Being and sure-handed confidence, balanced with a sincere humility and respect for the person in her presence. "- Eli, USA
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At least monthly, sometimes more often, there is a Sacred circle gathering event online,

holding a Space of Loving transformation where we can come home,

discovering ourselves anew in a changing world.
A shared space where we bring our trembling vulnerability and our readiness to enquire into what is true.

A shared space where all of us can rest deeply and be held as each new edge reveals.


Helen offers a new service - an individual soul embodiment meditation, yours to keep on mp3.

Also, enjoy meditation audios carrying frequential transmissions to support your heart and soul. YouTube, Insight timer and Soundcloud.

Just hearing the frequencies in her voice and looking in her eyes feels like a coming home.
-Tessa, Netherlands
"This touched my heart in a way nothing else has. I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being clear minded, emotionally balanced and energetically recharged. Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home." ~Carolyn

soul writings

Sunflowers in the south of France - photo by Helen Quail

"We are continually emanating in tandem with the formless That which evolves All. There is omnipresent wordless communion. Nothing is unseen. Not our darkest thoughts, most shamed places. Nor our kindest actions. We exist in the holograph of the multiverse, continually vibrating between formless and form. Life is watching, breathing, stretching and simultaneously just IS."

come explore....

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