Words can only ever be a pointer to the indescribable, the ineffable. Each of us is an exquisite aspect of Source itself. Our journey is one of homecoming to the Truth of That. Every path is unique and as humans on this blue planet, we can feel achingly alone, for moments or lifetimes as we turn to the longing for the Beloved.

It is my soul's calling and joy to be a vehicle for words which emerge. May they touch you in unmet places. May they carry a fragrance of Grace that calls each of us more intimately in our devotion.

May they serve our re-membering.

If that which comes forth offers any echoes of resonance in your own Being, I am in deep gratitude.

coming home blog

coming home blog

"Love has neither beginning nor end. We walk through these moments of time, on a planet called Earth, whilst love flows and weaves across all dimensions. If we sit quietly enough we can hear it whispering and dancing through our cells, tinkling like fairy bells in the space between us, blowing through the chasms within Universes. Cascading echoes of all that has ever been, to fall like tender sprinklings of dust onto our skin." - Helen Quail

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coming home blog

the dance

There is a dance at the heart of every awakening Being. Of the eternal longing to KNOW and BE the fullness of our absolute Divinity – in form. And the fear and aching grief of the countless times we have felt that we have fallen short of the immeasurable.

I am again and again practising calling her and all her pain into the unconditional embrace of Love. Perhaps this will be a lifelong embrace.

And as I slow and breathe bigger, She is Here. She who has no name, no identity. Indeed no voice as Her voice is all voices. She is the stars. She is the blackness that absorbs everything. She is the magnitude of the Earth, Her soft, moist fecundity merging with any sense of this body.

Longing and longed for re-member into what Is, always.

the book

"We are loved constantly, fiercely, tenderly and piercingly to peel off the layers of density and disguise; to lay aside the seeming seduction of the familiar and the sleepwalking of lifetimes." - Helen Quail

Helen's first book to publication is based on a collation and development of blogs, poems and other writings over the past twenty years.

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