Sacred Wholeness Circle

Monthly Global Online Webinars

Personal and collective healing and expansion

meditation - energy clearing - transmissions of light codes - healing - activation

Join with Helen and beautiful Beings for an online Sacred circle webinar of meditation, healing and cutting edge frequency transmissions. In Sacred space and shared meditation, we firstly come to zero point in our true Divine multi-dimensional nature and from here we are conduits for the newest crystalline Source codes of light. Each of us is a conduit not only for our own wholeness but for the advancement of the group consciousness and the whole of collective consciousness. We meet and release edges, embody light activations and receive through silence, light, sound and light languages.

With the gifts and support of the Cosmic energies and light teams we are choosing new earth and we together create it consciously in our choosing. We are choosing our highest Truth and coming together grounded in the foundation of Presence. From here we access far greater of our infinite nature as Cosmic Beings and alchemists. When we bring intention together coherently and consciously, the miraculous occurs. Consciously, meditatively and openly we align with the purity and power of what is true and as vehicles for new levels of light. In this, we create a holding space, not only for our own selves and loved ones but spreading through the field of planetary consciousness. Along with many collective gatherings virtually at this time, we entrain to the highest possible frequency of Divine Love and harmony coming onto Earth.

Through Presence, group energy work, clearing, activations and Divine light codes we;

  • anchor new frequencies of light;
  • deepen the embodiment of our awakened nature in this body.
  • come home more to what we truly are and have always been;
  • heal, reveal, grow, elevate;
  • are nourished, inspired and uplifted by the group field, witnessing and collective power;
  • are empowered to share and expand more Divine light in our world.

If your heart guides you, do join in a powerful co-creation of light codes with beings across the planet and our teams of light in other realms.

There are TWO routes for your convenience.


to participate each month without having to re-register for $33 with no minimum period; you can cancel at any time.

Circles are monthly, often aligning with the full moon. If you can't attend live, you receive the recording to enjoy.

Forthcoming dates are:

Saturday August 8th 12 noon PST

Sunday August 30th

Saturday October 3rd

Saturday October 31st

Sunday November 29th


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8.8 Lion's Gate Online Circle

Saturday August 8th, 12 noon PST

This month's focus

Lion's Gate is one of the most powerful Cosmic alignments of the year, containing the new Light codes for the year ahead. It is the culmination of the Sirius portal as Sirius and Gaia align and the sun is in the house of the lion, on the eighth day of the eighth month. There is an intense surge of light which awakens DNA, activates the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational light frequencies, freedom and ascension codes. Evolutionary and transformative light codes pour from Sirius towards Earth, opening and anchoring another level of activation in collective embodied awakening.

As Sirius rises, Orion's belt aligns directly with the Great Pyramid and Sirius appears closer to earth. Sirius is intimately connected with Lemuria and the new Lemurian consciousness anchoring on Earth. A Solar Stargate is created that pours Star Codes for mastery and ascension into the earth plane.

Leo is the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine, the perfect stage to anchor the ascension codes and energies of higher consciousness. The Lions Gateway is all about fully awakening our Divine Light and embodying Divinity.

8 is the number of balance; the zero point from which all emerges and to which all returns; the still point from where awareness meets all.

This is a hugely important and powerful opportunity for us to come together from around the planet and consciously align with this gateway. And here, as humanity explores uncharted territory in its evolution, we are the wayshowers, grounded in the purity of the heart, holding our Cosmic nature close, yet walking fully and humbly upon this earth.

"This touched my heart in a way nothing else has. I felt a form of rebirth which resulted in me being clear-minded, emotionally balanced and energetically recharged.

Words can't convey the profound power behind this guided meditation except to say that my heart felt like it had come home."

webinar payment options

Please note: after purchase, click "return to merchant" to be taken to a page with the zoom call details.

You will also subsequently receive a confirmation email.

Helen facilitates regular online gatherings for us to come together - as soul family, spiritual companions, and Beings who feel called to devote our life to the Divine - and center deeply in our true nature. Guided meditations, healing, transmissions and activations come through our coherent field of intention. We listen and follow the Heart and, through Presence, meditation, and group energy work, land more thoroughly in this ground of Being as Love with an expanded capacity to hold and embody Divine light.

Many of us feel in our cells and hearts the call to gather with deeply resonant heart and soul family. It is a natural expression of our inherent interconnection and it is so vital for us to have soul support on our journey of unfolding evolution. Whether we are blessed with soul friends and family in physical closeness, or online, our conscious coming together is a powerful accelerator of transformation and provides essential support in these times of co-creation. Space is held for participants to share or enquire as moved.

Each of us a unique flavor and melody of Source song, we come together in incandescent harmonies. Through the power of our conscious coming together, we are conduits for further expansion, release, and support of the frequency of collective consciousness, as well as more intimate knowing and grounding of the Christ light in our Being.

We come to directly know where we are always awake, in Truth. It is from this true place, an invitation rises for us to show up as vessels of the Mystery, in stillness and vulnerability. From here, we encounter evolving consciousness; the frequencies of light raining upon us; the edges of where the old is arising for unification and we meet the growing edges of embodying Source in form. Together we open to the Infinite, turn our listening acutely to Her call and offer ourSelves as conduits for the great wave.

We will go deep and be guided into a deeper connection to our true Divine Self, and our authentic full expression and grounding in the present.

These are the times of One-ness, co-creation and collaboration.

Knowing our unlimited nature, embracing our multi-dimensionality.

Join us.

Collective consciousness needs us to show up in our fullness as never before.

Please settle yourself in a place where you can focus fully.

If you can't attend live, you will receive the recording soon after the call to listen to and absorb at your leisure.

There are levels of exchange so it is accessible to as many as are called. We are all affected in how abundance flows right now, so if you cannot make any financial exchange right now, please still join.

**Registration beforehand is essential for the call details which will be sent to you.**

The event may also be streamed on Helen's YouTube channel.

Please note that in registering you are agreeing that your contribution may be recorded and portions of the circle may be broadcast publicly.

Your privacy will always be respected and if you do NOT wish anything to be shared thus, please let us know.

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Deepest gratitude for being the change.

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For You

Through our unified field and infused with the influx of new light frequencies, we clarify and attune to our core Selves and our unique expression of the Divine form. We get really clear on who we are in our true nature and this provides the foundation of our explorations together.

This heart call is for you, if ~

  • You feel more and more deeply devoted to exploring truth and our Divine essence and what it is to be an awakening being in a human body and life;
  • You care deeply about being a part of evolving consciousness and the human experience
  • You thrive through conscious co creation and connection with resonant souls

This Sacred place

Helen usually anchors the circles from Mount Shasta, one of the most transformative and significant energetic points on our planet right now. The mountain's energy is that of pure Love, fierce and unyielding in her embrace and in her revealing of all that is not True. The mountain is an important conduit for Divine Union and the various expressions of this. It is well known as an important guardian of Lemurian frequencies, part of the null and node system and the root chakra of the earth. The energies of place here are an immense conduit for deep transformation. We gather in this field of Love.

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