This is for You

Join Helen and a beautiful and intimate group of Beings opening to deep transformation and soul support in the bosom of Sacred Mount Shasta over the Sirius Stargate Lion's Gate in a memorable healing, transformative and soul-nourishing retreat. This is a rare opportunity to go deep in a small group so places are very limited.

Don't hesitate if you feel a call!

7- 9 August 2020

group meditations - energy clearing and healing - transmissions - light activations - yoga - ceremony - stillness

This could be what your heart has called for

Is this you?

  • Your dedication is to the Mystery and living as Divine Love deep in this human body and heart.
  • There is an undeniable recognition in your soul of your multi-dimensional nature. This may just be stirring or you may be intimate with your incarnation as a light carrier, starseed or wayshower.
  • You hear a longing in your heart to come to Mount Shasta.
  • You recognize the preciousness of direct connection with soul-resonant tribe, co-creating as Cosmic explorers with wide-open hearts.

"2020 is a vital point in the awakening and evolution of human consciousness. It is a time for clear seeing."

These words were written in January, before Covid19 and all that is transpiring on the planet. The world view of many is literally shattering and shifting on a daily basis since. Whilst we cannot be certain of what is flowing by August, this space is open, in an amended form, for an intimate group of lightbeings.


Mount Shasta - Gaia's root chakra

Mount Shasta is one of the most transformative and significant energetic points on our planet right now. Her energy is that of pure Love, fierce and unyielding in her embrace and in her revealing of all that is not True.
The mountain is an important conduit for Divine Union and the various expressions of this. It is well known as an important guardian of Lemurian frequencies, part of the null and node system and the root chakra of the earth.
The energies of place here are an immense conduit for deep transformation. We gather in this field of all-embracing Love and Fierce Grace.

It is very difficult to sum up the wonderful gifts from the retreat.

These experiences are priceless

and can only be given by a highly developed being on the path of love and devotion,

who is committed to our collective and individual evolution.

Someone wise and fearless who is entrusted to share these precious energies and to inspire others

with her Grace, Presence and wisdom.

What an incredible week"! – Carol Ann

Your invitation

This retreat is your invitation to come home. To Love your Self enough to prioritise this call as more precious than anything.

Come Home

  • to your Self
  • to Love
  • to rest
  • to Oneness
  • to the truth of your Being as unlimited, multi-dimensional and magnificent.
  • to the utter joy of deep and intimate connection with Self/other
  • to come home in this body, right now, as it is, in all its unique human-ness, carrying its imprints of a life lived.

We will explore

  • meditation
  • personal, group and collective clearings and healings
  • multi-dimensional activations and expansions
  • light transmissions
  • somatic practices
  • yoga
  • ceremony
  • visits to vortices and spots around the Sacred mountain
  • silence
  • conscious co creation

"Helen served me with ineffable grace, compassion and sensitivity.

So attuned is she to the slightest movements in my interior that the wounded places gladly come out of hiding and soak in the energies of Love. She displays a potent combination of Faith in Being and sure-handed

confidence, balanced with a sincere humility and respect for the person in her presence." – Eli


There is an innate call in the core of every heart. The place where remembrance lies; where our true Self can never be extinguished or diminished.

With busy lives and a disintegrating societal fabric, many of us can feel fragile, unsupported and confused. We are often highly sensitive Beings whose nervous systems and emotioanl bodies are challenged with the demands of twenty first century living.

Transformational Benefits

Your longing will come home -

tbe met with depth

to know profound connection

to enjoy Soul nourishment

Discover renewed clarity, vibrancy and capacity to embrace your highest Life fully

Experience the support all aspects of Being soul, body, heart, mind.

The seeking will come to an end in a deep relaxation into what IS.

There is a contentment and joy that emerges from our deep core in this place. It is a vibrational recognition of what we are, that is supported by the Divine frequencies through this Sacred Apu.

You will ~

~ Uncover more of who you truly are and create the space and structures to integrate this fully into your Being and life.

~ Become more intimate with your Divine essence and ground This further into your cells and matrix.

~Receive transmissions of light and encodements from the Cosmic Divine Feminine, including light language activations.

~Explore deep communion with your authentic Self, with the support of the mountain and Beings of Light.

~Come into a Cosmic womb connection, opening up and anchoring greater levels of our true Divinity.

~ Leave uplifted and empowered to serve as your highest expression

~ Reconnect with our multi-dimensional nature and families of light

~In the joy of a co-creative conscious space, you will contribute to shifts and realizations that will land and emanate from this moment on.

~ Further open to and integrate our multi-dimensionality and Divine blueprints.

~ Be deeply nourished, opened and expanded.

The shape and flow of our time together in Mount Shasta

We have nights under the incredible summer skies of Mount Shasta as we gather over the Lion's Gate window in early August.

There is a core foundation of group energetic work and we will go to power spots on the mountain as guided.

We follow the Feminine path of flow and ease with abundant space for rest and stillness. In such a high vibrational transformational context it is essential to have ample space for assimilation in all levels of the body Being with ease.

Friday 7th August 5pm

Saturday 8th

Sunday 9th

Monday 10th optional additional gathering, depart by 2pm

Your guide

Helen is your guide and she has facilitated groups globally over two decades. Helen is an internationally known embodied awakening healer, facilitator and soul guide who has assisted Beings across the planet for twenty years. Over two decades she studied and taught numerous healing modalities and channeled new light frequencies to support the evolution of consciousness on earth. She has a particular affinity with the highest frequencies of the Cosmic Feminine and, through her Presence, activations, light language, meditations and group sessions, these are transmitted and anchored. Her approach is grounded in a simplicity, purity and gentleness that facilitates remarkable shifts, with a focus on deep embodiment of all parts of us.

The exchange



Deposit of $100 (non-refundable) and balance of $188

Not included - accommodation, meals and all transportation.

To begin the application and ensure a fit, please email Helen initially.

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