8.8 meditation on Glastonbury Tor


We come home to ourselves through nurturing this intimate rediscovery of what was always here. Helen has been exploring, sharing and teaching meditative approaches as a foundation for grounded awakening for over twenty years. She has recorded free resources which can be accessed on her YouTube channel, Soundcloud and insight timer. Your support in subscribing and following is very much appreciated.

We all know the pull to the limitless silence, in a world overloaded with created noise. On this day of celebrating both Love and Sacred sound, we can come together simply, consciously, in the purity of silent meditation.

There will be only the briefest opening words then we sit together in silent meditation for thirty minutes.

Connect via YouTube live. You are also so welcome to join the meditation without being "online".

This gathering is free, open to all and a gathering of Love. No registration needed.

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