11.11 Soul Activations

11.11 Eden Activation & Anchoring the Freedom Codes
in Mount Shasta

A co-creative gathering and option to join by conference call.

Sunday November 10th, 12 - 3pm

Shasta Yoga Institute,

Mount Shasta Blvd,

Mount Shasta, California

You are invited to join with Helen Quail and David Maria in the heart of the Mountain for a co-creation in the 11.11 energies. In Person in Mount Shasta, CA and live streaming via a conference call.

After our live event, there is an invitation for any of who feel called to anchor on the mountain on 11.11 itself at 11.11 am.

11.11 Eden Activation & Anchoring the Freedom Codes

11.11 is a significant gateway in the shifts in consciousness, the codes available for us here on the planet and our invitation to embody more and more of our unique essence in form.
Mount Shasta is arguably the most significant point planetarily in the present cycle.

David, an energy intuitive and multi-dimensional Dreamwalker, will share The Eden Template Activation - an awakening, a re-connection to your original Soul Template / Blueprint, which over multiple lifetimes shuts down because we believe we're going to die, and not the eternal beings that we truly are. Awakening is opening up to the awareness that we are Creation itself and we live in a multi-dimensional quantum field of incredible Joy. When your soul template is fully awakened and integrated within you, creation lives in you as you and your life will transform in ways unimaginable to your old self. David's transmission brings through the energies of unity consciousness re-connecting you to your original source and full embodiment. More at www.theedentemplate.com

After a short break, Helen will lead us in embodying soul essence, focusing on the new Freedom Codes incoming since early this summer. We will deep dive into the new Cosmic codes, weaved with meditations, light language, frequencies, stillness and conscious, gentle opening through yin yoga to fully anchor in our body Beings and for the planet.

We enter an organic flow, blending conscious movement and stillness. We open to and receive transmissions and activations, which are then shared with all we connect with who are ready. We bring in the new frequencies and support our systems to adapt and integrate through an organic flow blending deep, gentle yin yoga, stillness and breath. Together, through our open Sacred hearts, we will dive into uncharted territory in our anchoring of our multi-dimensionality. We are called home to ourSelves as never before, through the deeply loving Cosmic Divine Feminine.

We are here on this amazing planet at these times to know and live from our Divine essence.

As we awaken more and more into our limitlessness and multi-dimensionality, we are called to ground all that we are here and now through and in these bodies.

Energy Exchange: $55 - $33, sliding scale, at the door.
Livestream: $33. Online registration through PayPal at https://www.theedentemplate.com/11-11.html
You'll receive the call information after your registration.

This is a very special calling to gather in the energies of Mount Shasta, to co-create with Helen, an international healer and facilitator, now living in this potent, transformational Sacred spot, and David Maria - https://www.theedentemplate.com/about.html . Beings are called from all over the planet by this powerful place and Helen is here to contribute to bringing in the new frequencies, supporting our ongoing Divine embodiment and joyfully co-creating new paradigms for living and loving as conscious Beings and soul families.

You will ~

~ Uncover more of who you truly are and create the space and structures to integrate this fully into your Being and life.

~ Become more intimate with your Divine essence and ground This further into your cells and matrix.

~Receive transmissions of light and encodements from the Cosmic Divine Feminine, including light language activations.

~Explore deep communion with your authentic Self, with the support of the mountain and Beings of Light.

~Come into a Cosmic womb connection, opening up and anchoring greater levels of our true Divinity.

Receive transmissions of light and encodements from the Cosmic Divine Feminine, including light language activations.

~In the joy of a co-creative conscious space, you will contribute to shifts and realizations that will land and emanate from this moment on.

~ Further open to and integrate our multi dimensionality and Divine blueprints.

~ Be deeply nourished, opened and expanded.

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